Workface Whitepapers

Whether you are a small or large business, it's your people that make the difference. Your people create incredible first impression, they help customer evaluate your offerings, and they take care of your customers. It's your people that build and nurture the relationships your business success depends on.

Workface is a solution dedicated to helping maximize the impact of your people. The Workface platform is designed to get your team engaged with more visitors and prospective customers, faster. This enables your people to do more of what they are best at: building and managing customer relationships.

Building and Developing Customer Relationships

Workface is a state-of-the-art social selling tool and service for developing, controlling and broadcasting sales agents’ identities. Sales agents using Workface are discovering what it means to engage customers online by having a distributable, content rich web identity (the "Workface") that allows them make sales interactions in new ways.

One-to-one selling has been around about as long as commerce has existed on Earth. In fact, the majority of commerce is still conducted offline. But, there’s no arguing that customers have turned to the internet to spend time, research products and services, and even make purchases. The team at Workface simply asked, “Why can’t doing business in the digital world be more like it is in the real world?” Our desire to answer that question led to the development of the Workface platform and remains the motivation behind our development of world-class tools to connect professionals with customers in a way that preserves the human experience.


We’ve created whitepapers to help you understand what we believe in, learn more about how and why Workface can be used in your business, and what we think the future will look like.