Engage® Presence & Status Services

During a given business day, your employees are connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting to the digital world. When they are connected, it is a wonderful opportunity to present their “availability” to customers. With status tools from Engage, you can communicate employee status on your website, in social media, and in email signatures. Even if your employees are moving between offline and online a hundred times a day, Workface can detect their availability and display it with visual cues at all of your digital touch points with customers. These tools inform customers that wish to contact the employee of his/her availability and ability to communicate.

Why Do You Need Presence & Status Services

Presence information is a growing enterprise tool directed towards more effective and efficient communication within a business setting. Presence information allows you to instantly see who is available in your corporate network, giving more flexibility to set up immediate discussions or short-term meetings. The result is precise communication that all but eliminates the inefficiency of phone tag or email messaging. However, most organizations have no way to express employee availability to web-based customers. Engage represents the first presence tools available to customers to see the status/availability of people within your organization. Engagement and customer experience are high priorities in organizations today, and status represents a powerful call-to-action to customers that the organization and its employees are “open for business”.

What Companies Provide Presence & Status Services to the Enterprise

Companies such as Cisco, and most unified communications (UC) companies, provide presence services. However, these services are typically locked down within corporate walls and are based on the expectation that both participants are known and are using shared client software. Engage is different because it enables open expression of status, which can be viewed by unknown customers without any special software or browser plug-ins, and can be implemented more broadly in environments like websites, email, and digital documents.