What is Workface?

Workface® is a leading-edge communication & relationship tool for talking to existing customers (and the new customers you want to create) across the Internet.

Live Chat Software... Reinvented!

Workface provides enterprise-level, on-demand live text, audio and video chat that can easily be installed on your website, social media, and beyond. It’s the alter ego of all that impersonal, old-fashioned live chat software.

Workface helps you to be there, ready to engage unknown buyers at the most crucial moment—when they’re considering your products and services.

Engage the social business way—personally, directly, immediately.

Customers have had it with nameless, faceless, call center chat and wait times in queues. If you aren’t ready to talk to the customer now... they’re gone! With Workface, your customers and prospects connect with you one-on-one when and where they are ready: in real-time. Your customers can find and click-to-connect with whomever they want as their next step in the buying process. Anonymously if they prefer.

Social customers want control. Give it to them.

Social business is about authenticity, immediacy and relevance. People don’t want to connect with fictitious “live person Sarah”. Someone they can size-up before they decide to connect one-on-one. They want access to the person who’s really other side of the live chat button.

So give customers access. Let them size you up, with Workface.

Want to learn how Workface works?

Visit the How it Works page, watch a video, or request a quote.