Engage® Application Modules

Sales-minded organizations fully understand that buyers have turned to the web in unprecedented numbers. These buyers are digitally connecting with organizations to determine the products/services they want to buy. The pendulum has swung very far (some would say too far) towards marketing automation, and away from the connectedness that buyers were familiar with in the offline world. Engage is moving the pendulum more towards human. It represents a suite of technologies that help organizations connect in a more human fashion with digitally-minded customers. Engage is the new way to direct sell and engage with customers, online.

The vision for Engage is simple. We believe that, with time, all websites will be enabled with a “human” option. When a customer or prospect visits the website, they will be empowered with the means to find, view, and self-initiated text chat with audio and video with actual people within that organization.

Engage has been designed so these technologies can be used interchangeably within your organization. When combined, the Engage suite of tools offers a comprehensive solution for enabling your customer to engage more deeply with your organization on the web, and your sales and customer support teams to effectively be digitally present where and when the customer is looking for the “human” option. Click the application modules above to explore each of these solutions.