Directory Services

Whether at your company website or your social media page, when customers want to immediately reach someone at your business it can be extremely difficult. Engage has created directory service tools that make it easier than ever for customers to find and review a list of your available personnel. The directory service presents an inventory of your employees based on your own rules, such as: 1) if that employee has an online status, 2) geographic relevancy to the digital visitors, 3) alphabetical, 4) departmental, 5) or randomized. The Engage directory service can be easily integrated into your web presence for ease of access by your customers.


Why Do You Need Directory Services

LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) is a standard plain text data interchange format for representing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory content and update requests. LDIF conveys directory content as a set of records, one record for each object (or entry). Engage is the most aesthetically novel method for expressing media-rich employee directories on the web. It contains a rules-based engine that enables an organization to show employees to customers in entirely new ways, and makes customer accessibility to available employees incredibly simple. Engage can either interface with LDAP for a brilliant new way to showcase employees, or it can be a replacement for LDAP that goes beyond the limitations of plain text data-only.

What Companies Provide Directory Services to the Enterprise

Companies such as NetIQ have provided directory services for some time. The majority of directory services are designed for use within organizations and within firewalls. Engage is different in that it allows a company to show customer-facing employees within digital environments including the company website, and even social media such as a Facebook company page. Engage represents an entirely new and highly transparent was of helping customers discover employees within your company based on their online status.