Data & Analytics

Engage tracks over 30 million unique data records on behalf of our clients. Contained within this data set are performance metrics that help our customers understand how Engage tools are helping them monitor their level of web-based customer engagements. In addition, these analytics contain actionable information that can help optimize engagement performance. This data can be searched and manipulated based on variables such as company, department, agent, and date range.


Why Do You Need Data & Analytics

Fact-based, insight-driven decision making can help your company better manage its strategic, operating and financial performance. Consolidated Engage data and analytical tools show the level of success metrics your organization is experiencing with its use of Engage and charts indicators that can be leveraged to predict and improve performance going forward. The performance indicators available within Engage data and analytics can be used to not only to accelerate business results, but can also be compared to your other internal metrics to better gauge return-on-investment and total business impact of live customer engagement.

What Companies Provide Analytics to the Enterprise

Google Analytics, for example, can be used to track, monitor and mine a wealth of information about the visitors to your website. However, Engage is a first-of-its-kind solution that provides indictors about individual-level employee performance on your website. Though companies such as Omniture® and SAS® provide business intelligence at the organizational level, only Engage Analytics can go to the individual-level of granularity to provide insights on roll-based engagement performance.

Google Analytics is a trademark of Google Inc. Omniture® is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. SAS® is a registered trademark of SAS Institute Inc.