Chat Communicator


Engage has built a powerful interface (the so-called “Engage”) that enables real-time, two-way communications between your employee and your web-based customer. The Chat Communicator is a dashboard used by both your customer and employee to talk in real-time through a combination of text, audio and video chat tools. It goes beyond legacy chat systems by breaking away from the concept of call center and queue processes. Instead, the Engage Chat Communicator enables one-to-one engagement.

Why Do You Need Chat Communicator

Talking live with digital customers is the fastest and most cost-effective means to improve your web-based reaction time to new opportunities. Engage Chat Communicator acts as a communication interface for one-to-one conversations with customers using text, audio, and video chat. Just as your employees have used phone and email to hold dialogue with customers, chat is now a genuine communication channel expected by customers (customers’ use of Social media has conditioned them to live in-the-moment).


What Companies Provide Chat Communications to the Enterprise

Companies such as LivePerson® and Oracle® have provided chat services which act the same for the last decade. However, in the consumer-driven marketplace of today customer expectations have superseded the nameless, faceless experiences delivered by legacy chat. Customers neither appreciate waiting in a queue, nor being subjected to canned messages. Engage is different because it offers the immediacy and authenticity of talking with a trusted employee within a company that the customer has self-selected and self-initiated the engagement with.

LivePerson® is a registered trademark of LivePerson, Inc. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation.