Benefits of Workface

No Internet platform replicates the capabilities of Workface for relevant, human connections and potential business impact. Here are some of the immediate benefits you can receive by using Workface in your business:

Don’t Lose the Sale at the Start!

  • Over 80% of customers do their research online before buying
  • On average, your prospects research 3 different competitors
  • If your product doesn’t differentiate you, a personal response with Workface software can help
  • First impressions made with knowledgeable sales staff produce over 10X higher lead conversions

Your Buyer has Changed!

  • They expect an immediate response, or they are gone
  • They expect an efficient process and help when they are not finding what they are looking for on your site
  • They expect authenticity and the ability to connect with a real person. They are sick of form fields, generic info@company email address, and marketing automation that makes finding a human and fast answers difficult.

Put Your People Back into Your Web Business

  • Your people available to your prospects and customers, in real-time
  • Real faces that customers can trust
  • Authentic experiences that lead to stronger relationships
  • Earlier introduction of your sales people’s personalities and personal selling skills

Your Site, Your Brand, Your Way!

  • Workface installs almost everywhere your customers are, including your website and social media.
  • Does not require you to do any hosting. Workface installs with a single line of code in seconds and works marvelously.
  • Over 35 different styles and integration options to match your look and feel.
  • Customize with your logo

Incredibly Easy for Your Customers to Use

  • Workface launched right inside of your customers browser
  • Full video, audio and text chat
  • Does not require your customer to download any software or browser plug-ins

Know Your Customer Better!

  • Gain unprecedented instant awareness of your customer’s geolocation
  • Understand where on the web your customer is
  • See all your customer information in one SnapShot
  • All the tools to connect personally with your customer

Text chat with audio and video capabilities

  • Full employee profile and identity management
  • Chat logs with filtering
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Performance reporting

Quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Most Workface clients experience 2-15X improvement in visitor-to-lead conversion ratios
  • Better customer satisfaction rates
  • Faster time to sale
  • Lower visitor abandonment rates

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