Industries — Overview

Businesses of all sizes — large and small — and across all industries can improve their visitor-to-lead conversion rates, improve their reaction time to web-based customers, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction levels with Workface.

Workface helps auto dealers to improve their reaction time to website visitors by getting live salespeople in front of the customer. The result lower website abandonment rates, more personal conversations with car buyers, and ultimately more dealership visits and test drives.

Customers have endless banking choices today. For banks looking to deliver a higher level of one-to-one customer service, Workface can help connect bankers will web-based customers. The objective is to provide a friendly face and helpful personnel, which can help satisfaction levels and ultimately retention rates.

Direct Sales
Workface represents the first and only technology that helps the direct sales professionals to engage with web-based customers/buyers one-to-one. It helps direct sales to enable prospective Internet buyers with the “chat right now” option, while improve the speed with which sales can respond to the prospective customer/buyer before they move on.

Financial Services
Broker and advisory services such as investments, estate, retirement, and tax planning begin with a personal relationship. As an RIA, your customer is no longer just a visit or a phone call, but rather an online chat. Workface helps RIAs become more accessible to web-based clients.

The majority of consumers and small business begin their healthcare experience online. Whether looking for answers to common health questions, wellness screenings, or monitoring for chronic conditions, individuals are turning to the Web in unprecedented numbers. Workface offers a convenient communication layer to drive real-time health services to web-based patients.

High-touch Sales
Personalized coverage is a key driver of "considered purchase" sales cycles. Workface provides the closest experience to a true face-to-face personal interaction. Swimming upstream to get to the web-based customer at the moment of interest can mean more meaningful sales engagements, higher conversion to net-new sales, and faster time-to-sale.

From high ticket price electronics to sophisticated software, buyers inevitably start their purchasing research online today. Workface helps with high-tech sales by introducing the personality and personal selling skills of sales professionals at the tech buyer’s need-state aperture. It’s the ultimate way to inject a qualified professional into the early phases of the decision-making process.

Today the majority of consumers start their insurance buying process online. Workface is a novel approach for insurance businesses where a personal relationship with the client matters. Workface can help improve agent response times, which positively impact both policy underwriting and customer retention performance.

Large Equipment
Most large and heavy equipment today is sold through a consultative approach. Yet, the prospective buyer’s first interaction with equipment information is online. With Workface, live product specialists can live side-by-side with the equipment SKU, ready to help answer customer questions in real-time.

Mfg. Distributors
Manufacturers and distributors typically sell globally and distributors regularly cover multistate territories today. So, having Workface delivers better time-to-response, can be used to build and extend relationships, and provides that digital tools for buyers to find contacts in a hurry. Workface can also help decrease the likelihood that a prospective customer feels it necessary to visit the websites of your competitors.

Real Estate
Nearly 90% of home buyers start the search for their next home, online. Despite advances in property listing information, real estate remains a relationship business. The size and complexity of the investment means home buyers want an agent they can trust. Workface can help improve the speed of trust and agents move online home buyers to offline showings.

Sports & Entertainment
Discretionary spending has decreased, which has put pressure on professional sports and entertainment businesses. Workface can help guest relations and concierge services to proactively sell and support consumers at the moment of interest: when the consumer is visiting the website.

Unlike automated fair aggregators, agent-based travel agencies greatest asset are the agents, many of whom have traveled to the locations they are selling and who provide value-added itinerary services to clients. Workface has a proven track record of helping agents to close new and more business by engaging prospective clients online during the travel discovering and planning process.

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