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Psychic Tara Mediums clients contact her for counsel in the areas of finances, family, love, work, luck, and more. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping people transform their lives. When Tara Medium was 19, a Western Spirit Master approached her and took her under his wing to help her master her powers. She traveled the world, studying with different masters and learning something valuable from each of them. Today, she applies what she learned to her craft. Tara Medium claims she only needs to meet or read about a person to see into their psyche and pinpoint what they need to resolve any issue they might have. Although trained in using ancient supports, such as runes, talismans, numerology, oracles, and tarot cards, Tara Medium does not rely on them to trigger her visions; she uses them only when making contact with higher forces. Tara Medium was born on a liner traveling from the U.S. to Brazil. Her first visions came to her at the age of 5, and when she was 15, Tara Medium realized that when she met someone, his or her life and probable future would play in her mind like a movie. Having harnessed her abilities and put them into practice, Tara Medium today helps countless people by offering advice geared toward their futures.

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