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In addition to his duties with Windover Development LLC, Steven B. Dodge spends time working on philanthropic projects, minority education, environmental protection, and land conservation.

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Steven B. Dodge became Vice President at Bank of Boston in 1971. While working there, Dodge concentrated on motion picture and cable television lending. He was able to build the largest, most profitable CATV loan portfolio of any national bank in the U.S. After several years of service, Dodge decided that he wanted to strike out on his own as an entrepreneur. He left Bank of Boston in 1978 to start his first company, American CableSystems Corporation.

As the founder, CEO, and leading stockholder, Steven B. Dodge had considerable control over the activities of American CableSystems Corporation. This allowed him to apply his keen business sense to the companys short- and long-term goals. Over the next decade, Dodge helped develop the company into one of the top 20 cable TV companies in the country. He left the company in 1988 when it was sold to Continental for $450.

Steven B. Dodge now had considerable experience as a business owner and manager, so he decided to start a new company. This one, American RadioSystems Corporation, focused on radio services instead of television. Dodge used many of the same strategies that he had developed at American CableSystems, and the company quickly became one of the top radio station operators in the country. Its shares sold on the NYSE and it maintained share leadership in revenue and ratings for 19 out of 20 markets. The company merged with CBS Radio in 1998.

For the next five years, Dodge focused on American Tower Corporation, which had previously been a subsidiary of ARS. He left American Tower in 2003 to make a major career change. Before his departure, American Tower had become the worlds leading operator and owner of communications towers. It maintains this influence today.

After leaving American Tower, Steven B. Dodge formed Windover Development LLC. This company allowed him to concentrate on landscape design, architecture, and land conservation, all of which had been secret passions of his for years. The company has built a reputation for creating innovative commercial and residential structures.

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