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With National Power Supply, theres never any doubt as to whether or not youre going to be getting the absolute best in remanufactured diesel engines. Whether you need them for a tractor, for hauling a trailer, or for making sure that the lights stay on, we do everything in our power to make sure that you get the best service and the best deal from us.

We offer the best prices on remanufactured diesel engines. We do this a couple of different ways. We do this by making sure that our customers get discounts on larger orders, which happens quite often. Not only that, but we make sure that we keep our own overhead costs low, and keep the profit margin between them on the low side as well. In doing this, were able to ensure that no unreasonable costs get passed on to you.

National Power Supply is all about its customers. We make sure that the engine to be crafted for you is put together only by the specialists. We make sure that the only builders who touch your order are those who specialize in making your particular kind of diesel engine. The specifications and demands placed on a domestic generator are very different from the demands placed on a boat engine.

And these are crafted engines. These engines are put together by hand. They are not spit out from an assembly line - its one part our commitment to quality and one part our dedication to keeping the overhead costs low. The point is, though, your engine will be yours. It will be crafted for you, for your use, to your specifications, by builders who specialize in your type particularly.

Most importantly, you as the customer will have your choice of parts. Youll have your choice of OEM parts or aftermarket components, as well as your choice of upgraded horsepower and reduced emissions.

Frankly, were all about you.

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