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Masterpiece Investments, Corp. is proud to invite participation in an exciting new world of artistic creation and investment, allowing investors the opportunity to build art portfolio value from the ground up. Featuring the works of Master Sculptor Lorenzo Ghiglieri, whose exquisite depictions of biblical figures, wildlife, and historical scenes are highly sought after by collectors, Masterpiece Investments offers a recession-resistant investment pathway. The Masterpiece Investments, Corp. RevPac Investment Program allows participants to share in the profits of bronze, silver, and gold limited editions of some of the worlds most collectable works of art. As sculptures are sold, royalties are calculated and distributed by Masterpiece Investments, Corp., potentially delivering triple returns to investors. Masterpiece Investments has four divisions: the Fine Art Gallery Division, the Chiurazzi Foundry Subsidiary Division, the Charitable Division and the Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division. After a series of involved international negotiations, the Chiurazzi Subsidiary Division has obtained rights to a collection of one of the most culturally and historically significant collections of original sculpture molds in the world. The collection boasts works from every significant museum and gallery in Italy and from the worlds greatest Masters, including Michelangelo. Just as the MPI Chiurazzi Foundry Subsidiary Division acts as a portal to the past through the preservation and perpetuation of some of civilizations greatest art, the MPI Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division serves as the vehicle to the future. Additive Workshop is accessible online at www.additiveworkshop.com. A revolution in the realm of digital reproduction, most notably as it applies to three dimensional art, the MPI Additive Workshop Subsidiary Division, sculpting studio and 3-D workshop specializes in combining traditional sculpting methods with cutting-edge technologies. The MPI Additive Workshop has the breathtaking capability of reducing and/or enlarging three dimensional images of any magnitude to any conceivable scale with perfect accuracy. In addition, the MPI Additive Workshop offers a full range of services, including computer aided design, 3-D modeling, scanning, bronze casting, resin casting, mold making, model analysis, reproduction, and milling. The entire portfolio of artwork and investment opportunities offered by Masterpiece Investments, Corp. may be found online at www.masterpieceinvestments.com.

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