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Kim Caise has been an educator and technology specialist for the past 20 years after graduating from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Kim began her educational career teaching elementary grades and middle school math. In 2006 she achieved the pinnacle of educator certification and became a National Board Certified Teacher in Career and Technical Education with a specialty in Technology Education. In September 2010, Kim completed an advanced degree program at Western Governors University with a Master of Education Learning and Technology program.KIM is a STAR Discovery Educator and serves on the Texas DEN Leadership Council. She is a FableVision Ambassador and was nominated for the 2005 Disney Teacher of the Year Award for her dedication to the teaching profession. Kim is a co-host of the Classroom 2.0 LIVE show that is broadcast in Elluminate on very small full CR 2.0 imageSaturday mornings which provides opportunities to learn about Web 2.0 tools and resources through collaboration with guest presenters and other educators. Kim's expertise and technical competence as an Elluminate Moderator led to her current position as the Elluminate Community Facilitator and Flat Classroom Project Administrator. Kim is actively involved in the EdTechTalk (ETT) community and supports the ETT community by mentoring webcasters and assisting with the creation and distribution of a weekly newsletter.

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