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A common misconception held by investors is to hold stocks for the long term. As a Technical Analyst, looking back at the last decade, if you held long you either lost a lot of money or are even with what you started. I began and continue my Financial Education with Trade Smart University in order to understand how to better manage my portfolio, and find ways to efficiently communicate with my financial advisor. I invite you now to do the same.

My Experience

- August 2010- Present: TSU Moderator
TSU offers live online interactive webinar classes; as a Modertor I am able to chat with students and respond to immediate questions.

- August 2010- Present: TSU Study Guide Writer

- June 2009- Present: Independent Trader

- January 2009- Present: Junior Architect - Skordas Design Studio

- December 2006- January 2009: Junior Architect - Janson Design Group

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info@tradesmartu.com, johannadevia@gmail.com
Brooklyn, NY 11228

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