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I'm a Web- and software-development expert, passionate about making what we work on the best it can be while working within the realities we have to deal with. I've successfully worked with teams of up to 300 stakeholders.

My Experience

I'm presently working as Chief Engineer to a small Silicon Valley-style startup here in Singapore. We're working on a complete redefinition of what too many people see as a badly-solved, but solved problem.

I'm an American consultant and writer presently based in Singapore. I do
business IT improvement consulting, Web development and software development for
the Mac, Linux and Microsoft Windows.With over thirty years professional
experience, my focus has always been on excellence continuous improvement as
opposed to constant change. In my work, I use very collaborative,
customer-centric, agile techniques to deliver the highest degree of excellence
and customer delight practical. I have collaborated in and/or led successful,
often distributed teams of up to three hundred people. Please visit
my professional Website or my blog to learn more. (Click the 'Links' item under
my contact info.)

On a personal note, I enjoy travel, reading and music. I have strong interests in history, science
fiction, theology and current affairs: the varying aspects of the questions "Who
are we? Where have we been? Where might we be going? And why should anyone
care?"I use and recommend GNU Privacy Guard for authenticating or encrypting
sensitive information in emails; my GnuPG public key is also available on my Links list.

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+65 8333 4403

Block 386 Tampines Street 32, #04-99
Tampines, Singapore 520386

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