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Engine and Transmission World is built around something very simple, yet very profound: an idea that changes the entire way that we look at cars and how we look at financing them.

The idea is this: there are parts in your car that are vital. These parts, despite being vital, are prone to wearing out eventually. Thats the nature of the beast, after all. Generally, these parts decay at a time when the cars value is low enough as to make repairs seem like an unnecessary investment.

We buy into that idea all the time, because it gives us an excuse to find nice new things. Unfortunately, those nice new things turn out to have a significant expense attached to them in the long run.

So, Engine and Transmission World changes the game by providing used engines and transmissions to its customers to keep their cars rolling. It is a significant short term expense, but that ends up being a fraction of the long term expense that you end up paying with a new car.

Thats been the mission of the company since 1987, and its been succeeding ever since.

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Engine & Transmission World has experience providing their services and products to hundreds of satisfyed customers. To learn about the customer satisfaction visit http://www.engineandtransmissionworld.com/testimonials.php

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