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A graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Bruce Worrell earned his Doctorate in 1977. After completing an internship with Grandview Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Bruce Worrell went on to serve as a medical resident at the same location. During this time, Bruce Worrell was recognized for his outstanding achievement, and was promoted to Chief Medical Resident during his last year at Grandview Hospital. After receiving training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Bruce Worrell began work in Primary Care at a private practice in Deer Park, Ohio. In this role, Dr. Bruce Worrell focused on preventative and holistic care. Dr. Bruce Worrell also worked to develop long-term relationships with patients and other medical professionals. In 1997, Dr. Worrell joined a group practice, Butler Health Associates located in Springdale, Ohio,

At Butler Health Associates, Dr. Bruce Worrell served as a primary care physician where 50 percent of his caseload was comprised of geriatric patients. Dr. Bruce Worrell was sought out for his expertise in pain management and preventative healthcare. After six years with Butler Health Associates, Dr. Bruce Worrell accepted a position with Health Plus, a practice based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. As Medical Director, Dr. Bruce Worrell focused on integrative pain management, increasing the patient population by 20 percent.

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