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David Weinstein of Cherry Hill, New Jersey Influencing National Policy.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where David Weinstein lives, may not be very big. There are about 70,000 residents in the city, so it's easier to find other places that might seem bigger or more important. In fact, David Weinstein could just jump on the freeway and head to Philadelphia if he wanted to live in a city with more prominence and name recognition. But living in a smaller community doesn't stop David Weinstein from having a national presence.

My Experience

From the small town of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, David Weinstein has done healthcare consulting for the state and federal government. He's created a blueprint for healthcare cooperatives that Presidents Bush and Obama have proposed implementing in a large scale. Moreover, David Weinstein met with many governmental officials to discuss his ideas and put them into action. He's outlined his ideas on several radio programs. David Weinstein is truly making a difference in the healthcare debate, and he didn't need to move away from his beloved Cherry Hill, New Jersey to do it.

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