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David R. Brandon served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Fayette Regional Health System in Indiana from 1995 to 2009. As a result of David R. Brandons Race for Excellence strategy, the Health System has received numerous awards and distinctions for world-class healthcare provision. While at Fayette Regional Health System, David R. Brandon applied a history of increasing the quality of patient care and decreasing costs at health networks in the southeastern United States. For example, David R. Brandon was responsible for reversing losses and reopening a closed hospital at the Mountain States Health Alliance. Prior to that achievement, David R. Brandon negotiated hospital acquisitions and the construction of facilities for Pinnacle Group in Durham, North Carolina. David R. Brandons continuing commitment to excellence was further demonstrated at Fayette Regional Health System. At the Health System, David R. Brandon held responsibility for opening a womens health center in 2002 and a cardiovascular health center in 2007. Both of these facilities have won distinction for their exceptional work. For example, the womens center is only one of three such institutions in Indiana to have received a Gold Award from the state for excellence in the prevention of perinatal hepatitis B. Additionally, the womens center was awarded a large biomedical research prize by the March of Dimes, a national organization dedicated to improving the health of babies. David R. Brandons achievements at Fayette Regional Health System resulted in a 300% increase in the number of patients since his arrival and a 27% increase in regional market share. Fayette Regional Health System has also been recognized as one of the top 50 non-teaching hospitals nationwide by the Center for Healthcare Industry Performance Studies. These results can be attributed to David R. Brandons long-term strategy, the Race for Excellence. Named after Indianas famous Indy 500 race, David R. Brandons flexible strategy for quality care emphasizes placing patients first and fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among care providers.

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Executive Director - Business Development at JCMCH - Mountain States Health Alliance

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Brookville, Indiana 47012

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