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Reference librarian since 1970

Specialize in bibliographic database searching since 1980

Search experience with Dialog, EBSCO, OVIDSP, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and others.

Consultation experience with sports, medicine, public health, tourism, kinesiology, recreation and internet resources

Founder and owner of the Yahoo Groups Net-Gold discussion group of internet resources and news stories found at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/net-gold

Provider of subject field and internet resource guides at this URL:

Research Guides


What Do CD-ROM Users Really Need?

Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.

Information Services and Use

v. 11 no. 3 p. 141-53 1991

Physical Education Research--Computerized Databases

in an Interdisciplinary Field.

Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.

Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

v. 64 no. 7 p. 67-72 September 1993

Alternative Careers for Librarians:

Selected Web and Print Resources.

Dillard, David

One-Person Library

November 2004 v. 21 no. 7 p. 8-9

The E-Book: Pipe Dream or Potential Disaster?

Dorman, David

American Libraries

February 1999 v. 30 no. 2 p. 36

RLIN: a databank to consider

Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.

Online (Weston, Conn.)

v. 12 May 1988 p. 28-29.

[Product evaluation]

Librarians, Jelly Beans, and Google Book Search.

(cover story)

Dillard, David.


March / April 2006 v. 30 no. 2 p. 20-21

From Researcher to Ringleader: A Journey.

Dillard, David.

Multimedia Schools

September 2000

v. 7 no. 4 p. 42

HPER [health, physical education, and recreation]

for help: selection and reference tools for a new field .

Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.

The Reference Librarian,

no. 33 1991 p. 143-50.


Let your online databank save you time and money .

Clever, Elaine Cox; Dillard, David P.

Collection Building

v. 11 no. 3 1991 p. 17-19.

[Feature article]

Teaching database research skills to students:

a view from the trenches

Dillard, David.

NFAIS Newsletter

March 2002 v. 44 no. 2 p. 6

Database Information Resource Tips for Athletic Trainers.

Dillard, David P.

Athletic Therapy Today

May 2004 v. 9 no. 3 p. 60-61

A database approach to the recycling of rhenium

Laird, G. L.,

1996, p.79-88

Re '97; rhenium and rhenium alloys; proceedings of the

International symposium devoted to the 70th anniversary

of the discovery of rhenium.

Bryskin, Boris D. [editor]

(Rhenium Alloys, Elyria, OH, United States)

International symposium on Rhenium and rhenium alloys.

Orlando, FL, United States, Feb. 10-13, 1997


With the technology of rhenium now well established,

its progress can be enhanced with the awareness of means

to recover it from scrapped sources. The search of databases

for information on rhenium recycling, has generated an

awareness of issues and problems of the field.

Various approaches are considered. Patent literature

spanning 1957-1993, and citations to abstracts of technical

publications on the recycling of rhenium from secondary sources,

over the period 1977 to 1995 were retrieved.

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