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pattern recognition and cultural analysis from the left coast

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I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. and spend my free time enjoying my town, surfing, hiking, biking, socializing, and relaxing. I'm currently working as a visiting researcher at the [url=http://www.iftf.org]Institute for the Future[/url] contributing to Technology Horizons and the Ten Year Forecast agenda. I spent 10 years working at [url=http://www.adobe.com]Adobe Systems, Inc.[/url] and helped manage the development of the Adobe Atmosphere immersive world platform, as well as the 3D authoring and viewing component in Adobe Acrobat. On the side I'm a semi-professional music producer with some of my work represented at [url=http://n8ur.com]N8UR[/url], while also exploring digital solutions to the many analog problems confronting the Santa Cruz community.

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