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At Suite Living, an assisted living center and home hospice care company situated in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, owner Brian Winges is as dedicated to caring for the elderly as he is to studying their diseases and ailments in order to make their later years more comfortable. Since the late 1990s, Brian Winges has dedicated himself to not only building affordable and appealing senior living centers, but also to learning more about their many afflictions. A recent study took a comprehensive look at Suite Livings programs to determine which services benefit residents the most. During the investigation conducted jointly with the Alzheimers Research Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, Brian Winges and other professionals learned the benefits of MnemeTherapy, or brain therapy, on specific residents within the Suite Living system. The study, which looked at how MnemeTherapy impacted cognitive abilities, mental functions, and psychiatric symptoms, revealed where the therapy type can best aid patients with varied ranges of functionality, allowing Brian Winges staff to better care for the residents of Suite Living. Outside of his role with Suite Living, Brian Winges has served as the Director of A Drop of Hope LLC, an institution that specializes in finding new and innovative ways to care for seniors. Suite Living currently employs some of the latest techniques and cutting-edge programs aimed at caring for senior residents, including mechanically altered diets, advanced memory care, and a convenient 24/7 hotline that allows social workers and discharge planners to call any time and place a senior at one of Brian Winges assisted living facilities.

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