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A self-motivated innovator, Mr. Brett Haines brandishes over 12 years of account management and sales experience. After earning a BA from Northern Kentucky University, where he was acknowledged for his exceptional academic achievement, Brett Haines began his career at ROI Marketing as a Marketing Consultant. Responsible for managing and merchandising multiple product lines at an array of stores, Brett Haines quickly learned how to work efficiently in a fast-paced, stressful environment. After ROI Marketing, Mr. Brett Haines took a position at RA Haines Company. During his distinguished 12-year tenure as Account Manager at RA Haines Company, Brett Haines was responsible for increasing the companys sales six-fold through encouraging the collaboration of multiple branches of his client company throughout North America. A proven self-starter and industry leader, Brett Haines worked diligently to forge multiple corporate business relationships between manufacturers and retailers. Brett Haines also instituted a bimonthly meeting between corporate buyers and manufacturers that led to further sales growth. Through his work with RA Haines Company, Brett Haines fostered a deep understanding of the infrastructure of large retail companies and gained invaluable insight into both creating and maintaining customer relationships that encourage long-term sales contracts. Brett Haines exceptional motivation and enthusiasm lead him to establish his own successful venture in 2009, 8 Mile Marketing, LLC, of which he is co-owner. 8 Mile Marketing is an Internet-based advertising company that promotes and sells products on the web. Mr. Brett Haines is also the co-owner of two divisions of 8 Mile Marketing, www.tablebasedirect.com and www.petodorkiller.com. Both of Brett Haines sites offer functional and affordable products that provide quality solutions to common problems faced by both businesses and individuals. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and an understanding of sales and management, Brett Haines and 8 Mile Marketing look forward to a promising future.

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