About Workface®

A Company on a mission to humanize business on the web! Have you ever walked into a business and been wowed by a salesperson who delivered an incredible, high-touch buying experience? Sure you have. Since the dawn of time, people have bought from people. And people have bought from people because of the one-to-one relationship.

Today the Internet is the most powerful way to search for information before making a purchase. It’s dramatically changed the way sales are done. However, it is our belief that for many buying scenarios and transactions, the pendulum has swung far too much toward data and automation. Especially when the sale is a complex one, customers are experiencing information overload and starving for human interaction. So, at Workface, we set out to revolutionize the way companies sell, and how customers buy, online.

We believe that the future of customer engagement on the web will be a profoundly human experience. We see a tomorrow where real, live people are available on every commercial website. Whether you’re a large or small company, no matter what the industry, it’s your people that make the difference. They create that important first impression, they help prospective customers evaluate your offerings, and they take care of your customers. It’s your people that build and nurture the relationships your business success depends on. Remember... customers buy from people they like and trust. What Workface does is literally give a “face” to your Company on your website, and beyond.